the cause
about us
Lighting Sound P.A. Systems, Sets Staging and Projection near Glasgow,
Ayrshire for Conferences, Events, Exhibitions & Installations.

about us

The Cause was set up in 1982 and specialises in the design and build of bespoke lighting, sets, staging and sound systems for Conferences, Events, Exhibitions and Installations.

We have worked for FT100 companies, small music groups and lots of clients in between, many of whom have become our close friends.

We have built nightclubs on beaches, ice rinks in hotel ballrooms and installed almost 500,000 loudspeakers in audio systems all over the country.

Our philosophy has been to develop crystal clear audio despite environmental challenges and stunning theatrical effects to produce a wow factor on each and every occasion, our experience working in different industries has given us the chance to apply this philosophy across many different briefs.

The Cause (light & sound) has created an environment for individuals and companies who strive to push the boundaries for exciting and innovative sound and lighting designs.


“The Cause is my life’s work, it has been a very exciting journey and one I continue with the utmost enthusiasm.  As The Cause continues to grow I plan to further my passion for the lighting and sound that surround us and how it impacts on our daily lives”

Anthony Emmott-Gavin